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Published at: Jan 31st, 2019


The anomaly described in the following document has been reclassified as Explained since L.E.121/12/839; no containment procedure is needed currently.
The following document is archieved only for reference. It may contain incorrect or outdated contents.
If you feel confused after reading, contact psychological counsellor stationed at your site.

Item #: SCP-202-EQ SCP-EQ-202 SCP-EQ-202-EX

Object Class: Unsafe2 Euclid Keter Explained

Archieved Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-EQ-202 is a an anomalous biological effect on Earth ponies (Terra Equinothro).
Individuals effected by SCP-EQ-202 (hereafter referred to as SCP-EQ-202-1) will go through a series of biological and arcansiological changes, including but not limited to:

  • Decrease in body mass. The average body mass of SCP-EQ-202-1 is approximately 70% of common Earth ponies, which is slightly higher than pegasi (Pegasum Equinothro).
  • Toxicity resistance of chicory plants (Lactuceae Cass.).
  • Significant decrease of muscle tone, endurance and explosiveness.
  • Changes in skeletal structure, which forms [REDACTED PER PROTOCOL VoR-202] and increases flexibility significantly.
  • Changes in cerebral structure, [REDACTED PER PROTOCOL VoR-202]. The average EOIT8 scores in Saptial Visualization and Memory are respectively 134.2 and 150.19.

(Details are displayed in supplementary File EQ-202-A02)
The method of propagation of SCP-EQ-202 is currently unconfirmed. Instances of SCP-EQ-202-1 make up 0.02% 0.94% 3.87% 16.54% 42.36% of the total population of Earth ponies.
SCP-EQ-202-1, after a certain but undetermined point of changes, show anomalous magic abilities, including but not limited to:

  • Telekinetsis.
  • Generation of fluorescent illumination.
  • Production of pathogens. (Determined as misrepresentation)
  • Generation of temporal nonpersistent saptial anomalies.

(Details are displayed in supplementary File EQ-202-A03)

Appendum EQ-202.1:
The gender ration (F:M) of instances of SCP-EQ-202 is 2.71:1, which is slightly higher than average of population (2.48:1).

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